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Cytiva, is a global provider of the technologies, services, and expertise that researchers and biopharma companies need to bring transformative medicines from discovery to delivery.

Pall Life Sciences and Cytiva have joined forces in May 2023 under the Cytiva name.


Cytiva’s team of nearly 16,000 associates in more than 40 countries is driven to use their expertise and talent to achieve better flexibility, capacity, and efficiency for customers. Our broad and deep portfolio of tools and technologies, global scale, and best-in-class service provides critical support from discovery to delivery, for customers spanning researchers, emerging biotech, large-scale biopharma and contract manufacturers.


Explore solutions for monoclonal antibodies, mRNA, viral vector manufacturing, and more.

Xcellerex™ X-platform bioreactors

We designed Xcellerex™ X-platform bioreactors to meet your process needs today and in the future. Whether in pilot or cGMP facilities, the modular and application-based approach improves cell culture productivity.

X-platform bioreactors can be used for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), protein-based drugs which continue to give rise to new treatments, as well as manufacturing cell and gene therapies and viral vectors.

Cytiva launched X-platform bioreactors to simplify single-use upstream bioprocessing operations. X-platform bioreactors, initially available in 50 and 200 L sizes are provided with Figurate automation solution software and can increase process efficiency through ergonomic improvements, production capability and simplified supply chain operations. The bioreactors also work with the Cytiva Bioreactor Scaler to determine the optimal target settings for scaling without trial and error.

Cytiva™ Protein Select™ resin

Cytiva™ Protein Select™ resin is an affinity chromatography resin for purifying recombinant proteins using the self-cleaving Cytiva™ Protein Select™ tag. During an affinity step performed with Cytiva™ Protein Select™ resin, the protein self-cleaves from the tag and elutes with no residual tag amino acids.


This technology simplifies tagged protein purification when used in research.

It standardizes purification during process development and later phases of any protein that does not have an affinity binding partner.

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