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Gilson is a global leader in the field of instrumentation for life sciences. Our presence in the majority of the world’s laboratories nurtures our understanding of the challenges our solutions must help address. It also allows us to think very early on about the best possible way for our innovations to integrate into this constantly evolving industry.

Gilson has been involved in biotherapies since the 1990s through projects sponsored by partners as structuring for this field as the National Institute of Heath and the National Cancer Institute. Our choice to offer technically excellent and modular products, capable of standing the test of time and promoters of an “open” technology, allowed us to be acclaimed very early on by an ecosystem of innovators – academics and startups – who were paving the way.

Thirty years later, our know-how in sample handling and purification is more than ever sought after by all the players in the value chain: it helps them meet their growing challenges in innovation, productivity, profitability but also training and collaboration that these structures face.


(Version française): Gilson est une société référente mondiale dans le domaine de l’instrumentation pour les sciences de la vie. Notre présence dans la majorité des laboratoires mondiaux nourrit notre compréhension des défis que nos solutions doivent aider à relever. Elle permet également de réfléchir très en amont à la meilleure façon possible pour nos innovations de venir s’intégrer dans ces métiers en constante évolution.

Gilson s’est engagé dans la voie des biothérapies dès les années 1990 par son implication au sein de projets portés par des partenaires aussi structurants pour la filière que le National Institute of Heath et le National Cancer Institute. Notre choix de proposer des produits techniquement excellents et modulables, capables de résister à l’épreuve du temps et promoteurs d’une technologie « ouverte », nous a par ailleurs permis d’être très tôt plébiscités par un écosystème d’innovateurs – académiques et startups – qui ouvraient la voie dans ce domaine.

Trente ans plus tard nos savoir-faire en manipulation d’échantillon et purification sont toujours recherchée par l’ensemble des acteurs de la chaîne de valeur : ils les aident à répondre aux enjeux croissants d’innovation, de productivité, de profitabilité mais aussi de formation et de collaboration auxquels ces structures sont confrontées.

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Sample handling solutions

Gilson Liquid Handling solutions deliver the precise control you need for sample and reagent volume transfers, ensuring reproducible results while making life in the lab easier. Beginning with the legendary PIPETMAN® technology, our liquid handling tools have evolved with your needs. Ergonomically designed with scientists like you in mind, we offer durable solutions from manual, single channel units to completely automated liquid handling systems.

Gilson Purification solutions: Whether you isolate targeted or non-targeted bioactive molecules from natural extracts or synthesis, or need milligram to ton scale purification, our VERITY® systems offer you a wide array of components to build the perfect system to meet your specific needs. All systems are easily controlled by intuitive software, letting you focus on the science. Backed by our long history in preparative chromatography, rest reassured that VERITY® solutions are built to last and will make life in the lab easier.


Gilson Extraction solutions: Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a highly selective cleanup technique that eliminates matrix effects and concentrates compounds present as traces to improve analytical detection. The ASPEC® extraction line offers hands-free solutions that deliver increased sample throughput and reliable test results while providing the traceability needed when studying drugs metabolites, contaminants, or proteins.

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