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The development of upstream and downstream processing in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector is complex and more demanding than ever. The pressure is on to reduce the time-to-market and overall cost, while also producing drugs in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Ypso-Facto partners with leading pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs to solve these challenges using innovative data management, in silico process modeling, predictive simulation solutions, and technology-enabled services to design, develop, and optimize chemical and bioprocesses. Our GPX® approach combines the educated Guess of the experts, the prospects of Predictive simulation, and the use of eXperimental data.

With our unique offering, we can help you reduce costs, reach target performances, minimize your environmental impact, and make better informed rational decisions. We combine industrial experience and scientific expertise with complementary know-how in (bio)chemistry, process engineering, and software development to enable efficient, robust, and innovative processes. 


Our typical projects cover a wide range of small (organic acids, sugars, antibiotics, optical isomers, omega 3…) or large (peptides, oligonucleotides, mAbs, polymers) molecules. We can assist you with brainstorming sessions to conceive new routes, scale-up in a rational way, optimize an existing path, or with troubleshooting and debottlenecking. By allowing you to compare processes, we help you make informed business decisions based on technical, ecological, and economical elements.



Our ambition is to disrupt the way chemical and bioprocesses are developed and

assessed. Our end-to-end proprietary software platform allows you to manage data and structure information, design and optimize processes, easily compare different technical or economical scenarios.


Reach out to us if you want to learn more:


Ypso-Facto supports life science industries to develop and optimize their chemical and bioprocesses.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, building on their expertise enhanced by our chemical engineering, mechanistic modelling, and simulation capabilities. We capitalize on experimental data and the educated guess of the experts to build a “virtual laboratory”. The virtual experiments are performed by simulation to predict reliably the process performances with minimal experimental burden. Our in-silico approach relies on our software-suite Ypso-Proxima and custom model developments to address more specific needs.

Examples of projects:

  • development of a new process,
  • optimization of an existing process (improve yield, increase productivity)
  • reduction of environmental impact (reduction of raw material consumption and waste)
  • development of a mechanistic model
  • debottlenecking
  • troubleshooting
  • improvement of process robustness
  • scale-up

techno-economic evaluation


Our ambition is to disrupt the way pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological processes are developed and assessed.


Hence we have developed Ypso-Proxima®, a collaborative software suite for (bio)chemical process development, optimization and evaluation. 

Ypso-Proxima® provides reliable digital technology transfer package, with full traceability of structured information and assumptions embedded. With Ypso-Proxima, you can:

  • -maximize the value of your experimental data
  • -design full processes including upstream and downstream with the flowsheeting tools,
  • -optimize Unit Operations with the dedicated modeling apps,
  • -draw up technical and economic evaluations

…all within the same environment!


Ypso-Ionic® is the first commercial application of Ypso-Proxima®. It allows designing chromatographic processes including IEX, adsorption, affinity, HIC, size and ion exclusion or chelation… It maximizes the value of experimental data and makes predictive simulation a game changer. 

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