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We develop, optimize and evaluate chemical and bioprocesses with software tools and consulting services.

Ypso-Facto provides software solutions and consulting services to disrupt the way pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological processes are developed and assessed. 

With a complementary know-how in (bio)chemistry, process engineering and software development, we help life science industries to develop, optimize and secure efficient and innovative processes. 

Our method is based on the GPX® approach capitalizing on the Guess ability of different experts, the possibility of Predictive simulation and the use of eXperimental data.

We work on a wide range of small (organic acids, sugars, antibiotics, optical isomers, omega 3…) or large (peptides, oligonucleotides, mAbs, polymers) molecules.

We assist our customers through all phases of their process development : from brainstorming to scale-up, or process intensification, debottlenecking, troubleshooting and economic evaluation.

We recently launched Ypso-Ionic®, the first commercial application of our software suite Ypso-Proxima®.

Ypso-ionic® allows designing chromatographic processes including IEX, adsorption, affinity, HIC, size and ion exclusion or chelation… It maximizes the value of experimental data and makes predictive simulation a game changer.


Ypso-Proxima® is a collaborative software suite for (bio)chemical process development, optimization, and evaluation. 

  • PROXIMITY: Proxima enables a seamless collaboration between chemists, engineers, plant managers, sales, and executives. 
  • APPROXIMATION: Proxima supports rational decision-making based on the information and time available. 

Ypso-Proxima® provides reliable digital technology transfer package, with full traceability of structured information and assumptions embedded. Investigate multiple scenarios and identify cost-effective solutions in a virtual environment to reduce manufacturing failure risks, in a timely manner

Maximize the value of your experimental data, design full processes including upstream (USP) and downstream (DSP) with the flowsheeting tools, optimize Unit Operations with the dedicated modeling apps, draw up technical and economic evaluations, all within the same environment.


Ypso-Ionic® is a software solution for designing chromatographic processes. It maximizes the value of experimental data and makes predictive simulation a game changer.

Does pH matter in your separation process? Do you work with mineral ions? With organic buffers? With proteins, peptides, or oligonucleotides whose retention behaviour is dramatically impacted by their charge? If yes, properly dealing with ions and thus using IONIC is a must! If no, that’s also fine, this will just make the calculations easier!

A unique feature of Ionic is the way it deals with ions: it offers the possibility to account for solution equilibria (e.g., acid-base or complexation) in combination with a rigorous description of interaction mechanisms with the solid media.

Enjoy working in a virtual lab and save time thanks to automatic post-treatments. Boost your creativity and explore new process configurations in a few clicks. Transform your data into knowledge and maximize your process performances. 


Scientific and technical support for chemical and biotechnology processes (USP/DSP)

We offer scientific and technical assistance to help you through all phases of your project development, from brainstorming to scale-up, and all the way to industrialization, debottlenecking and troubleshooting.

We support you with technical and economical assessments at any stage of development, from the laboratory scale to the pilot, demo or commercial scale.

We can also help you find the right molecule for your application or give a second life to your product or workshop.

Development, simulation, comparisons and optimization of:

  • Biochemical synthesis routes
  • Chemical synthesis routes
  • Purification processes routes 
  • Overall process design
  • Cost estimates    

Daily operations assistance with:

  • Training
  • Start-up assistance
  • Debottlenecking – Troubleshooting
  • Selection of technologies/suppliers
  • Process related quality support
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